Smardt - Powerpax

We can service your air, water or evaporative cooled Smardt- Powerpax chiller. The Smardt-Powerpax chiller group only utilize the oil free Danfoss Turbocor compressors. We can assist with electronic expansion valve (EXV) upgrades, software upgrades, compressor replacements and more....

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Turbochill Services is a Smardt - Powerpax accredited Service Provider

"Smardt advise that Turbochill Services Pty Ltd has been a Smardt certified service provider in oil-free technology since 2016.


Turbochill Services has been one of our reputable Service Providers and we would not hesitate on recommending their services to any customers who require their expert advice, servicing or maintenance on our oil-free chillers and products.”

Brendan Vos

Acting General Manager

Smardt - Powerpax

What we do

At Turbochill Services Pty Ltd we can service and maintain anything from three Megawatt chillers to split system air conditioners. We can provide specialist advice for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment to keep your site running smoothly. 


Our dedicated team of refrigeration trades people, electricians and engineers can assist with even the largest of your requirements.

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